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The Meaning of Amethyst

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Amethyst is a popular gemstone loved for its beautiful purple hue and is also used in Feng Shui for its symbolic meaning.

  1. Serenity and Peace: Amethyst is believed to bring inner peace and spiritual tranquility. It is often used in meditation to clear away negative emotions.
  2. Wisdom: Amethyst symbolizes wisdom and deep insight. It is believed to help improve an individual’s decision-making skills and intuition.
  3. Spirituality and Mind Enhancement: Amethyst is believed to provide a deeper understanding of life and the universe.
  4. Health and peace: In traditional Chinese concepts, amethyst is considered to have health and protective effects and can bring health and peace.
  5. Husband and wife relationship: In Feng Shui, amethyst is usually placed in the area where husband and wife live together. Such as the bedroom or living room, used to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife or lovers.
  6. Creativity and Inspiration: Amethyst is believed to stimulate creativity and is particularly beneficial to artists and creative professionals, especially poetry and painting.
  7. Wealth: In Chinese culture, amethyst is considered a symbol of wealth. There is an old Chinese saying, “Purple air comes from the east”, which also gives meaning to the color purple.

These symbolic meanings of amethyst make it a popular gift and personal decoration, and it has a place in Feng Shui and spiritual practices.

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