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Learn about the production process of Mason crystal spheres

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Purchase raw materials for crystal sphere production

When producing crystal spheres, we first need to select raw materials suitable for the production of crystal spheres from suppliers who specialize in selling crystal raw materials. During the selection process, we pay attention to choosing raw materials with bright colors. At the same time, we will also choose raw materials with full and round shapes, which not only saves materials, but also reduces costs. If the raw materials are selected properly, 5 kg of raw materials can make 1 kg of crystal spheres. And if the raw materials are not selected properly, making a 1 kg crystal spheres may require 7-8 kg of raw materials. Purchasing raw materials is the first step in producing a crystal spheres.

Crystal raw material cutting

After the raw materials are purchased and brought back to the factory, the next step is to cut them into the shapes we require. First, we evaluate the appearance and structure of the raw material and cut it to the appropriate size and shape using professional cutting equipment.

The hardness and properties of the crystal material are often considered when choosing a cutting method. We have a variety of cutting methods to choose from, such as chain saws, water saws, diamond cutters, etc. For larger and harder crystal materials, we usually use a chain saw for cutting. Cutting larger crystal stock and dividing it into smaller pieces can take several days. Of course, we will also try to avoid buying larger crystal raw materials.

By cutting the raw materials into the required shapes, cutting is a key step for us to save materials and prepare us for subsequent processing steps.

Two polishing methods for crystal spheres

After the cutting is complete, our final step is polishing.

There are usually two polishing methods: manual polishing and machine polishing.

  • Hand polishing is a traditional method that requires skilled workers to use sandpaper of different grits to polish the crystal sphere by hand. Hand polishing can finely handle every corner and curve of the crystal sphere, giving its surface a smooth and even finish.
  • Another method is machine polishing. Machine polishing utilizes automated equipment. through the high-speed rotation of the machine. This method is suitable for mass production. Compared with manual polishing, machine polishing may not be able to handle every detail of the crystal sphere, but in our experience, there is no difference between machine polishing and manual polishing now, and it can reduce labor costs. The disadvantage of machine polishing that I can think of is that it cannot polish small spheres below 3.5 cm.

Whether it is hand polishing or machine polishing, we are all about producing the surface of the crystal sphere smooth. The choice of polishing method depends on customer requirements.

This is the finished crystal ball we made

This is the finished crystal sphere we made! We adopt an integrated process, from raw material procurement to production and processing, we can directly control the entire production process to ensure that every link meets high standards. At the same time, it avoids the middleman earning the price difference.
I hope you can choose Mason crystal. Give us a chance to cooperate.

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